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About Modern Dental Connect

The Modern Dental Connect offers dentists, dentistry students and practice staff the opportunity to participate in educational programs, webinars and events in Europe. Organizer is always a European branch of the Modern Dental Group: Permadental, Elysee Dental, Labocast or Modern Dental Europe. An up-to-date and transnational offer enables participants to exchange their expertise on a European basis.

Events in Europe
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Meet colleagues from across Europe for professional networking.
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Current examples

TRITalks: Q&A Session with Prof. Ronald Jung
Webinars  -  Points: 0

TRITalks are inspiring showcase for great case introduction and presentation of the matrix®, the world's first dental implant without an abutment. Prof. Ronald Jung joined the stage of the TRITalks on June 18th, 2021 to present the next big revolution in...

F.I.T. Hands-on cursus 14-12
Webinars  -  Points: 0

F.I.T. Forma® Injectie Techniek; een compleet pakket voor de behandeling van slijtage én erosie. Na deze cursus bent u in staat om volledig zelfstandig uw patiënten met gebitsslijtage te behandelen met gebruik van de Forma® Injectie technie...